golanNikoloz Shaginov has a deform arm and needs several operations. His parents can not pay. In contrary to us there are no health insurances in Armenia.











In 2015 took thanks to your gifts a vacationcamp in the Nature of Armenia place for the childreb of our foundation. A great success, after it had not only the physical but also the mental situation of the children improved. A raison for us to try to make  of this camp a yearly coming back event ans ask for your help.

There are two excisting beatiful locations in Armenia, through we also help the local polulation:

  • a summer-camp in Vanadzor for children until the age of 10 year, accomplised by a parent, with play-garden and swimmingpool.
  • The summer-camp in Kalavan in the mountains for elder childreb with nature events, track, argrological and envirment knowledge.

The costs for these camp are € 100,-- per child per week. We hope you will help 'our ' Arnenian children by donation on our bank-account NL39INGB 0680 3402 46, mentioning "Summer-camp".

 Felt-group 'ASRAP' Armenia

 After a 3 year felt course – given by Annemie Koenen -see – now the felt group 'ASRAP' Armenia is grounded. This group -12 handicraft teachers from 4 regions in Armenia- start to felt with handicapped children, not only for the healing and harmonising effect of wool- but also to earn a little with the selling of these felt products. If you want to donate some money to buy wool and so on for this group you can do so.

7 IMG 3536 5 Felt project in Meghvik 4


STUDY-PROJECT in aid of Rafaël children: start 2009. 

Objective: to cause children in the age of  15 to 16 year, to follow craft training, or when more appropriate, a professional training at high school or university

Sponsored by Rafaël donors.




Once a 5 year period, we offer children in Armenia the opportunity to take part in a summer camp.

  • In 2005  26 children.
  • In 2010  40 children.
  • In 2015 55 children.

Sponsored by the Rafaël Foundation Board from the proceeds of a garden-meeting.



'Marina Galoyan'.

Naam loos

Naamloos 6Family Galoyan in Vanadzor has the Opportunity to buy an Apartment, with help of the Fuller Foundation in Armenia, but they have to make  an Invest-ion of about € 2.000,-- , which they of course do not have.In case you want to help, you can transfer an amount to  Bank  Nr. NL39 INGB  0680 3402 46, under mention of 'Marina Galoyan'. 


ASARJA I: start 2006.

Obtjective: to attend and support desitute and handicapped children with their claim to proper healthcare and schooling and their right to participation in social activities, by appointing and training mediators in Armenia, who shall work together with the Liliane Foundation in the Netherlands.

Gesponsored by service club Kiwanis "Gloriette" in Meerssen.




ASARJA II: start 2008.

Objective: to offer aid to handicapped children in the city of Gyumri, by means of ergo-therapy attendance and fitting appliances and by offering training to their parents and nurses.

Sponsored by service club Kiwanis "Gloriette" in Meerssen, as well as by  charity-yield of the "Golden Flight Level-event" and the "Foundation for the promotion of the interest of the destitude child" in Hoensbroek.



ASARJA III: start 2009.

Objective: to aid poor, destitude and handicapped children in home situations, by creating some future perspective for them and their families, in the form of medical care, possible adaption of houses to the handicap and offering craft training.

Sponsored by a charitable fund.

Realisation of a playground on a neglected territory, situated between several blocks of flats in Vanadzor where about 700 children live in the age until 16 years, who belong to our target group. The realisation of this project was able d by the yield of a sale exposition in Berg en Terblijt on 6th November 2010.The city of Vanadzor is so happy with the initiative and employment of our contact person on location Hrach Marukian, so they place at disposal a subsidy. Playground opened on 11th July 2012.


Kindergarten Dzoragyux

Furnishing of a 'Kindergarten' with chairs, tables, beds and kitchen appliances. The building was donated by a citizen of the village who earned money in Russia, bur for the fornish was no more money.

Realized in August 2015 with the yield of a garden-party.





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